Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Holidays

It's been a while and we know some of you have still been checking for any updates..... First of all, thanks for the thoughts and prayers.... Secondly, many of you know that Melanie is due for our second son, Drew Colin Domanico, on Feb. 1st. She is doing well and so far everything looks great. We have had every test/scan possible but, no amniocentesis. In talking with our friend Terri the other day, she convinced me to post an update regarding Drew and she wanted to see a 3D picture. As you can see in the photo, Drew looks a lot like Colin even though his hand is blocking much of his face. The holiday season has been going by really fast. Melanie and I went to Florida for Thanksgiving for a much needed break. Plus we really didn't feel like celebrating with everyone without Colin. So we spent turkey day laying on the beach in Siesta Key and going to Boston Market for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was great... We wish we could do the same for Christmas. Colin's memorial mass was perfect... A great tribute to a perfect boy. There was about 300 people who showed to celebrate his life. We had a great party afterwards downstairs with great food donated from friends and local businesses. Colin's grave was all decorated for Halloween and is really decorated for Christmas. We miss him so much but, we also know and feel that he is with us all the time. I guess we may be doing a blog for Drew but, it won't be the stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime, Happy Holidays.

Tim & Mel