Monday, July 20, 2009

6 months old, trip to CT and hanging out with my family

Drew is 6 months old went by so fast! Other than some diaper rash he's doing great. Drew has been really busy. He spent time in CT and had his first pool party!! He's getting ready for his Jersey shore vacation in a few weeks. He's always happy & smiling.

Drew is creeping on his stomach all over the floor these days. It's only a matter of time until he will be on all floors and Mommy and Daddy will be really busy! It has been so exciting for us to watch him move around. Enjoy the pictures....

So happy to be with Daddy

Playing with Brady (one of his only boy cousins)

First time in the pool with Daddy & Brielle

Cousin Karen came all the way from NC to make Drew laugh

Exhausted at the end of the party

Hanging with Jenna & Kelsey

Just chilling with Riley & Ava (Yes-he has on a pink bib....Daddy was not happy about that but, Mommy forgot his manly bibs)

Kaylee, Meg, Paige & Aunt Laurie (notice a pattern here-Drew has a lot of girl cousins!)


  1. All of these photos are SOOooo cute! I absolutely love the one of Drew cashed out at the end of the party! Too stinkin cute. It looks like he gets plenty of love. That is great!! Hugs to you all! xo

  2. Look at him with all the ladies...he IS the man..isn't he??'ve got to tell me..isn't the water cold up there?? I couldn't even imagine. I grew up on the NC shore...and I couldn't get in the ocean without a wetsuit on until're just giving me goosebumps talking about the beach so far north!!!

    and NOW...our swimiming pool has to be 90 before I'll get in it!
    I think I'd never make it if we had to move farther north...

    Thanks for the update.
    Drew is just growing like a weed.....I hope crawling next week and walking in a few months (I know your back is ready!)

    sending lots of love,

  3. We just got back from Pennsylvania but did see these great pictures on dad's blackberry. He looks so cute. I wish we were closer to see him more often. He is changing every day. Does he like the water? I agree with Kathy, a pool should be around 90. Ours is only 72. Burrrrrr! If you go to Vegas, bring me.
    Give Drew hugs and kisses from Nanna and Grandpa.
    Nanna and

  4. Quite the little socialite. We can't wait to have a pool party with him in September.