Sunday, November 1, 2009


So it's been a real long time since we last posted. A lot has been going since Colin's B-day. We had a golf tournament for Colin which raised $2,000 for the local Ronald McDonald house to help parents with kids who are sick in our local children's hospital. The brand new Golisano Children's Hospital opened in September and they are in the process of updating the Syracuse Ronald McDonald House so we wanted to help out. We passed Colin's one year anniversary and continue to miss him everyday.

Lastly, we continue to watch Drew grow up, play, laugh, eat, crawl and now cruise behind things and all around the couches. We're hoping that he's walking by Christmas. Yesterday was Halloween.. Drew dressed up as a race car driver. On Friday, they had a costume parade at his daycare. You can see a photo below of me and Drew. We had a party at his cousins friday night and then on yesterday we took him to several houses and had some family over. Plus you add in the hour time change and he is really thrown off.... I also posted some pictures of him that I took tonight... Enjoy....


  1. We also miss Colin everyday and were happy to do something for him to honor him. The golf tournament was so worth all of the hard work Brian put into it. We also love to see Drew grow, laugh, and make his parents smile. He is such a little cutie. A very serious race car driver too!! We can't wait to see him at the end of the month. Oh, what was the final Halloween count??

  2. What cute pictures of Drew. You have had a very active couple of months. The golf tournament in Colin's honor was terrific thanks to Brian, Colin's godfather. We are all ready for next years tournament. Then there was camping in Vermont over Columbus Day weekend. So much fun.... Drew will certainly be walking soon. He is so photogenic. We cannot wait to see you all for Thanksgiving. Give Drew a big kiss from us.
    Nanna and Grandpa

  3. Drewbie enjoyed his first Halloween! Now he has all the Holidays to look forward to also! Then the big day on Jan. 20 .. his 1st Birthday party!!!!
    Yay.... !!!!

    Colin is with all of us in spirit always.. his tournament in Sept. was a beautiful tribute to him. Great job Brian.

  4. I just love the twinkle in Drew's eyes when he smiles. How come we didn't get to see Tim dressed up as Bob Ross? Miss you guys and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving. Oh...are you sure you want Drew walking by Christmas? Soon after that comes the climbing...

  5. Thank you sooo much for the update. Drew could not be ANY CUTER! He has such a happy, smiling face. I just love him!

    He looks so cute dressed up as a race car driver. I bet walking is very near on the horizon! GO DREW!!! xoxo

  6. Now that is the cutest costume! I'm so glad you were able to raise money for the RMH in honor of Colin. He is always in our hearts