Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost Vacation.....

So this upcoming Friday we are leaving for a week to go to the Jersey Shore... Drew can't wait. He even tried on Colin's scopes to make sure they looked good on him (he thinks he is gonna meet some ladies)... Take a look...

Colin (The original ladies man)...

He also had some good times jumping in his little jumper... Take a look at the video...

Also this week, Daddy went to Citi Field while on work in NYC to see the Mets play the Colorado Rockies. I can't wait to go with him.. He did get to see my cousin Meghan and Uncle Brian. Check out the picture of Meghan and Daddy with Mr. Met....


  1. What a cutie-patootie!! He looks like he's having a great time in the jumper!

    Hope you all have a great vacation!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you guys get a nice long vacation! How fun...and how deserved! It looks like Drew is getting ready to swoon the ladies, just like his brother did. He looks soooo stinkin cute in those shades. The jumping video is great, too. I just love that sweet little boy! I want to give him a squeeze!

    Good luck getting packed up for your trip this week and have a great time. Take lots of pics and share with us all when you return!!! xo

  3. I miss the jumping toys. Jenna and and Kelsey had so much fun in them and it looks like Drew does too. With his shades, Drew is all set for the beach. I'm praying for good weather for you all. I hope the water isn't too rough for Tim!

  4. Finally able to get on the computer to post a comment after my busy weekend. Drew looks like a surfer already just like his brother Colin. I hope you all have a safe trip to the Jersey Shore and that the weather is great but not as hot as it was 2 years ago which I think you said was high 90's or higher. Make sure to use your sunblock Tim...... I loved the jumping action. Drew is on the move for sure..... Give him hugs and kisses from us.
    Nanna and Grandpa

  5. YEAH for vacations!!!

    When I glanced at that second picture (before I read the caption)....I was thinking...boy, Drew chunked up...look at how much he looks like Colin!!!

    and those boys...they do look alike. You guys make some CUTE babies!!!

    Hope you're having an awesome vacation (and Drew gets back with some digits!)