Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from the Beach.....

So our week long trip to Ocean City, NJ is over.. Drew spent probably 3 hours on the beach the whole week. First off, it was really hot and humid when we gotthere which made him kind of cranky out on the beach. He wouldn't sleep because he wanted to crawl and eat sand all day... Like a friend of ours said it was like alligator wrestling trying to keep him off the sand. We then got smart as grandma went and bought him a small pool to let him lay in on the beach which worked well. Take a look at the beach pictures.....

"Not sleeping in the sun tent"
"Having fun in the air"

"Baby Pool"

At night, we would go out to the boardwalk and either eat junk food, walk in stores or watch his cousins on the amusement rides.... Drew even went on one by himself (well with daddy)...

"Holding on with two hands"

"One hand like a maverick"

These pictures were taken on our last night there...

"Drew and Family"



  1. 2 things noticed from the pictures....1) get that kid a haircut and 2) next time a little spf 50 on the face there Tim, you are a Domanico NOT a Corsello...WE BURN!!!

  2. I love the pictures of Drew. So glad the weather was good even though it was hot. Crawling on the sand and trying to eat it is only the beginning. Wait until he puts a hand into the potato chip bag next time you go and then you crunch on the sandy chips. Yuck. By the way, Tim, you will be peeling next week..... I love the picture of the 3 of you on the last day overlooking the water. Give Drew hugs and kisses from Nanna and Grandpa.

  3. I was excited to see you got your vacation pictures up quickly. Happy you could contain your alligator in the baby pool - what a great idea! I'm sure Grandma and Papa were very helpful with Drew so that Mommy and Daddy could have more than 3 hours at the beach. Drew is looking so much older!

  4. We all had a great time last week at the Jersey Shore with the Caruso and Granozio families. Drew enjoyed his first trip there and he and I took some nice walks together. He also used me as a bed to sleep on a few times!!

    He was a really good boy and everyone remarked how little he cried or fussed. Oh-and Uncle Brian, Grandma Kathy promsies to get out her shears this weekend and give Drew his first haircut!

  5. His hair is soooo cute! I just love the pictures like crazy. I'm so glad you guys had a nice time. It sounds like a blast. Thanks so much for the fun update! It's always good to see your smiling faces. xo

  6. You guys look so good! And..the pool on the beach...what a great idea! I'm glad you didn't have the sickies like we did. I need a do-over vacation now. We're talking about Christmas at the beach...wouldn't that be fun? (but...I guess in NJ, you'd have snow).
    and those cousins...looks like he's one loved on little peanut!!

    Ahhh...first haircut...oh my. Can't wait to see those pics!