Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Do.....

Drew's hair was getting a little crazy so Grandma cut it. Take a look......

Doesn't he look like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber.... Drew was not a fan of getting his hair cut, in fact he cried the whole time.....

Much better all messed up....
In other news... Drew stood up with help from the couch yesterday..... We dropped the crib height immediately.... He also got his first cold but has handled it well. All the snots... Jeez....


  1. How cute is the haircut. He looks older all of a sudden. Not happy about the haircut and all the fuss. Hope you saved a piece of his hair. I cannot wait to see him and kiss him next weekend. I cannot believe he is pulling himself up. Glad you lowered the crib. Give him a kiss from us his Connecticut grandparents. XXOO

  2. The haircut is adorable! I always love the fresh look right after a cut.

    I hope the cold doesn't last and YAY on standing up!! Thanks for the update. xo

  3. Nanna - I know you are proud of me for capturing the moment on Drew's 1st haircut. He got really mad too, mostly because he had to sit still!! But he really looks cute now that it is over!

    He is growing so fast. Drew likes to grab for my glasses when I am holding him. His brother used to do the same thing.

  4. Isn't it ironic that you were just mentioning last weekend that it was time to drop the crib? I love his new haircut. Jenna and Kelsey might need a trim next weekend if your Mom is up for it!

  5. He looks so much older!! Jenna and Kelsey are going on haircut #2 and Kaylee still isn't even close to needing one!! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend. I am actually off!! Well, Saturday anyway.

  6. oh...Grandma did a GREAT job! Haven't you seen my pics where I butcher Isaac's poor head:(
    Standing already...good thing you lowered your crib. He looks like the kind of little peanut that would try to climb out...or is that all our boys??

    That's awesome that he got over his cold so quickly...and snot. yuck. That's one thing that I just can't stand. I use that snot sucker almost everyday on poor Isaac...if I even think I hear a sniffle...I need to suck it out! (I'm going to make him OCD about it!)

    Thanks for posting such cute pics! Squeeze him tight for me!